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October 22, 2023


                                THE COST


     Then Jesus said to His disciples, "if anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. For whoever wishes to save his life shall lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake shall find it.


                                                     Matthew 16:24-25

     When people read these words of Jesus, we immediately think of our physical life. In our nation, that is not going to happen. In some countries, it could actually happen.
     But, Jesus actually meant something far more  encompassing. Jesus wants us to be willing to give our lives so that He can use us in any situation - in our family, in our vacation, and in our community. We must be willing to be used by Him at all times.
     But, this means that we have to be willing to give up our comfort, our time, our resources, etc. Too many American Christians do not want to give up our comfort or our time to invest in kingdom activity. If it means we might miss a party or an activity, then... if we might need to give money that we had wanted to spend for other things, then...
     Saints, we must know that Jesus wants us to be ready to do and to obey when we are needed and not at our convenience. Let's be willing to serve Him!
                                                          Apostle James



You may see some things in our worship that are different. Listed below are a few of these things and their scriptural references.

Singing In The Spirit:

1 Cor. 14:15, Psalm 149:1,

Eph. 5:19


Lifting Up “Holy Hands”: Psalm 63:4, Psalm 134:2,

1 Tim. 2:8


Prophecy or Interpretation of Tongues:

1 Cor. 12:10, 1 Cor. 14


Word of Wisdom or Knowledge:

John 4:17, 1Cor. 2:11,12,

1Cor. 12:8


Being “Slain In The Spirit”:

2 Chron. 5:14, Matt. 28:4,

John 18:6, Acts 9:4


Flags and Banners:

Psalm 20:5, Ex. 17:15,

SS 2:4

Christian International


Bishop Bill Hamon.

Founder of Christian International Ministries. A Prophet for over 60 years.


Apostle Leon Walters

Central Heartland Regional Director

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