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 January 7,2024


                    DO WE HAVE EARS TO HEAR?


     "And other seed fell into the good soil, and grew up, and produced a crop a hundred times as great." As He said these things, He would call out, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear."

                                                                     Luke 8:8


      As we begin this new years, we must prepare our hearts to hear what the Lord is saying concerning these days. New, exciting advances for the kingdom of God will take place. We must be the instruments that Father can use to insure the establishment of His kingdom.


      We cannot close our spirit to the "new" that Father will do. We must be open to hearing and receiving. If we are too closed off in our "traditions", we will miss what we should be doing to usher in the new!


      Now we are not to be gullible in our thinking but we must be open to hear His new thing! We must develop such a relationship with Hoily Spirit that He can reveal to us the "real" from the counterfeit. We must seek Father's will and not our own or another's.


      As we have ears to hear, we will be able to discern the "new" and begin to walk in it. As we do, we will see kingdom expanding and arising in the hearts of people!


                                                            Apostle James



You may see some things in our worship that are different. Listed below are a few of these things and their scriptural references.

Singing In The Spirit:

1 Cor. 14:15, Psalm 149:1,

Eph. 5:19


Lifting Up “Holy Hands”: Psalm 63:4, Psalm 134:2,

1 Tim. 2:8


Prophecy or Interpretation of Tongues:

1 Cor. 12:10, 1 Cor. 14


Word of Wisdom or Knowledge:

John 4:17, 1Cor. 2:11,12,

1Cor. 12:8


Being “Slain In The Spirit”:

2 Chron. 5:14, Matt. 28:4,

John 18:6, Acts 9:4


Flags and Banners:

Psalm 20:5, Ex. 17:15,

SS 2:4

Christian International


Bishop Bill Hamon.

Founder of Christian International Ministries. A Prophet for over 60 years.


Apostle Leon Walters

Central Heartland Regional Director

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