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January 14, 2024


                   HIS STRONG FOUNDATION


     Everyone who hears my teachingand applies it to his life can be compared to a wise man who built his house on an unshakable foundation. When the rains fell and the flood came, with fierce winds beating upon his house, it stood firm because of it's strong foundation.


                                                 Matthew 7:24-25


     Hearing and doing! As we enter into this new year, it is good to be reminded that true wisdom comes from our Lord! This is truly a time when we need that strong foundation.


     There are forces at play in this world today that are trying to destroy. They work against man and everything that he tries to accomplish. These are freshly and demonic forces which work to destroy foundations and the lives of people. They remove hope and purpose.


     But Lord Jesus, having given us His word, provides wisdom and a strong foundation. By these things and the power of Holy Spirit, we can weather the attacks and the storms which come into our lives! It is His wisdom that reveals to us the proper way to live, to work, and peace. It is a foundation on which we can stand!


                                                    Apostle James






You may see some things in our worship that are different. Listed below are a few of these things and their scriptural references.

Singing In The Spirit:

1 Cor. 14:15, Psalm 149:1,

Eph. 5:19


Lifting Up “Holy Hands”: Psalm 63:4, Psalm 134:2,

1 Tim. 2:8


Prophecy or Interpretation of Tongues:

1 Cor. 12:10, 1 Cor. 14


Word of Wisdom or Knowledge:

John 4:17, 1Cor. 2:11,12,

1Cor. 12:8


Being “Slain In The Spirit”:

2 Chron. 5:14, Matt. 28:4,

John 18:6, Acts 9:4


Flags and Banners:

Psalm 20:5, Ex. 17:15,

SS 2:4

Christian International


Bishop Bill Hamon.

Founder of Christian International Ministries. A Prophet for over 60 years.


Apostle Leon Walters

Central Heartland Regional Director

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